Marin Organic Benefit Dinner January 21 from 6-9 pm $55 per person

Marin Organic partners with local farms to promote organic agriculture, provide food system education, and increase access to fresh produce for people in need. We continue to provide marketing support for our farmers and help them build relationships with local businesses. In turn, our member farms provide both the locations for our education programs and the extra food that we harvest for hunger relief organizations.

Marin Organic is proud to work in partnership with ranchers, farmers, and food producers to provide education on farms, empowering youth with the skills to take control of their “food future,” while also feeding the most vulnerable members of our community.

Marin Organic was founded in 2001 by local farmers and ranchers who believed in creating meaningful standards for organic agriculture. These pioneers began meeting in the late 1990s to craft a vision for our region where agriculture would be environmentally and economically sustainable. Marin County has a rich history of family farms, but like many regions, we were at risk of losing our small farms at the same time that we were witnessing alarming environmental destruction. Thanks to the work of a few dedicated farmers and ranchers, Marin County became the epicenter of the organic farming movement. Today Marin County counts 20,000 acres of certified organic land, up from only 200. 40 farms, ranches, and producers are members of Marin Organic and continue to drive a local, sustainable food movement.