Saltwater Oyster Depot

Saltwater welcomes local foragers, farmers, visitors and neighbors to partake in festive celebrations that honor the efforts of those who grow and gather our food.

We serve regional wines from an extensive bottle list as well on tap, direct from the winemaker to you. We shuck oysters moments after they have left the bay and welcome local fisherman to bring their catch to our kitchen door. Saltwater aspires to prepare these foods simply, to embrace the beauty of hospitality and extend graceful service. We hope to bring a sense of excitement to our community and celebrate the magnificence of the landscapes that surround us.



Luc Chamberland

Saltwater is the dream of Luc Chamberland, an aquatic farmer and sometimes funny man who loves Tomales Bay and everything salty. He has spent many years in restaurants located near or literally over the water. He has also spent considerable time raising shellfish and inspiring people about the importance of water quality and the virtue of collaborative approaches to resource stewardship.

He wants to share his dream with his community, his family, and visitors to the beautiful region of Tomales Bay.



Pickleweed Point

Saltwater has a unique partnership with Pickleweed Point Community Shellfish Farm that defines its community roots and its desire to support the safety and quality of the waters that support oysters.

Pickleweed Point Community Shellfish Farm is a small grass roots organization that educates underserved youth about oyster-growing, educates community members about the important role that oyster’s play in the ecosystem and serves as a living example of sustainable farm-to-table food delivery systems.

Saltwater will welcome middle school children from Pickleweed Point CSF into its kitchen to teach them how to prepare oysters and other farmed shellfish raised in Tomales Bay. These children will have seeded, grown and harvested the Pacific Oysters prepared in Saltwaters kitchen.

This unique partnership highlights Saltwater’s interest in sustainability, farming and responsible food delivery systems.